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The consumer health reviews can show you the facts. Complimentary and alternative medicine therapies have grown in popularity and use throughout the late 20th and early 21st century; this is largely because of an increase in research into their benefits and effectiveness and an increased understanding of these therapies by medical professionals. In the U.S. around 40 percent of adults seek some form of complimentary or alternative treatment for a medical condition or injury each year. Some of the most used complimentary medicine techniques include chiropractic care and massage that are often provided in partnership with each other to promote relief from pain around the body.
Consumer Health Reviews
The Consumer Health Reviews

Finding good consumer health reviews are a great start to educating yourself on the facts.

In many therapies, such as aromatherapy, chiropractic and herbal therapies treatments are provided that promote self healing within the human body, and reduce the need for invasive or drug treatments for medical problems. In an era when patients have become consumer health experts the search for a medical therapy that fit’s the individual has replaced the belief that mainstream healthcare is the best option for all. Many health reviews report good results for the use of complimentary and alternative medicine to treat medical conditions. Mainstream medical professionals are increasingly guiding their patients towards some forms of complimentary and alternative medicines as an option for certain problems; in the U.K. the government supported National Health Service offers hypnosis for amputee’s suffering from phantom limb syndrome and to reduce stress in patients. Increased research into the effectiveness of alternative treatments and a large number of positive consumer health reviews are changing the level of mistrust of mainstream physicians towards some treatments.

One of the most used forms of complimentary and alternative medicine treatments is chiropractic care or spinal manipulation; around 22 million Americans visit chiropractors each year for a large variety of medical conditions. Of the 22 million patients of chiropractors around 7.7 million seek treatment for lower and upper back pain, caused by accidents, sports injuries or degenerative medical conditions. Modern research has begun to back up the claims of health benefits for spinal manipulation that are often reported in consumer health reviews on websites and in medical journals. Alongside back pain a chiropractor can also treat neck and limb pain and regular headaches; health reviews are also reporting chiropractic care being a beneficial treatment for osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.

During a consultation with a chiropractic professional the source of pain will be diagnosed and a spinal manipulation will take place. During manipulation certain points of the body, such as the joints between bones and the spine are moved back into place when they are diagnosed as out of alignment. According to some consumer health organizations it is common for people who find relief from joint pain and headaches to be successfully treated by massage therapists through the use of Swedish or deep tissue massage. A massage therapist, much like chiropractic care can reduce areas of inflammation within the muscles that can cause pain and loss of movement for many individuals.

The majority of complimentary and alternative medicine therapies are based on ancient technques that have been used for centuries in many cultures. Medical training offered to professional massage therapists and chiropractors began in the 19th century. The first chiropractor is often reported to be Daniel David Palmer who opened the first chiropractic school in the 1890s; massage has been a popular treatment for many medical conditions since the Egyptian civilization was established. Canadian doctors have used massage since the 19th century to treat various conditions.

Complimentaryand alternative medicines can also take the form of herbal and dietary supplements, and mind body therapies. Those who undertake a mind body therapy try to increase the communication of the body with other areas of the body to reduce pain and allow greater amounts of movement. One of the most popular and best researched alternative therapies is homeopathy, which was created and developed in Germany in the early 19th century by Samuel Hahnemann. The basic premise of homeopathy is that similar plant, animal and chemical products can have an opposite effect on the body than a full dose of the same product. During this therapy a homeopath mixes chemicals with alcohol and other liquids to produce a diluted form of medicine that can be used to treat medical conditions based on the personal history of the patient.

Before undertaking a complimentary or alternative medicine course of therapy each patient should research what a therapy can do for their individual medical condition. Talking to a mainstream doctor and different therapists can provide answers on whether you are a candidate for an alternative form of therapy.